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October 2015 will mark a change in how U.S. retailers take payments. The switchover to EMV – also known as chip-and-pin or chip-and-sign – will help improve the security of credit card transactions.

Make sales and run your store from any device. Anywhere.

  • Rest easy.

    Rest easy. EMV technology makes it very difficult to counterfeit a card.

  • Save hard earned money.

    Cayan has a meet or beat policy. That means that can give you better rates and the hardware you need to take future proof payments.

  • Robust Security and EMV.

    If you can’t accept chip cards this fall, any fraud associated with a swipe-and-sign transaction will be your problem. As a customer facing, EMV enabled solution, Genius utilizes tokenization and encryption to ensure customers' card data is safe, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud.

  • Accept the latest cutting edge payment methods.

    And best of all, our new EMV readers will accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and other NFC-based payment methods so you can impress your customers and be EMV compliant at the same time.

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